Angel Correa  (in 2019) 

Institute: University of Granada, Granada, Spain

Topics: Circadian rhythms, temporal attention

Techniques: Experimental psychology, circadian physiology, and cognitive neuroscience

March 1, 2018

Ingrid Johnsrude

Institute: University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

Topics: Speech tracking, neural oscillations, auditory memory, prediction

Techniques: EEG, intracranial recording, fMRI, behaviour, fMRI, MR structural imaging

Twitter: @ingridjohnsrude

March 1, 2018

Laurel Trainor

Institute: McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Topics: Time and rhythm processing, neural oscillations, interpersonal interaction, development & disorders

Techniques: EEG, Motion tracking, MEG, behaviour, psychophysics

March 1, 2018

Martin Wiener   (maybe)

Institute: George Mason University, Virginia, USA

Topics: Time perception, Space perception, Rhythmic Processing, Multisensory timing

Techniques: fMRI, TMS, EEG, tES, computational modeling (also TMS-EEG and fMRI-EEG)

Twitter: @MartinMwiener

March 1, 2018

Nandakumar Narayanan

Institute: University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA

Topics: Timing in frontostriatal networks, dopamine

Techniques: Optogenetics, neuronal ensemble recordings, pharmacology, EEG, intraoperative neurophysiology

Twitter: @narayananlab

March 1, 2018

Virginie van Wassenhove

Institute: CEA/DRF/Joliot, NeuroSpin; INSERM Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, Gif sur Yvette, FRANCE

Topics: Temporal cognition, neural oscillations, mental time travel, temporal metacognition

Techniques: Human psychophysics, MEG, EEG, fMRI

Twitter: @virginie_vw

March 1, 2018