Timing lab database

  • The TRF ECR Committee is building a database of labs that conduct timing research. Apart from being an important community-building project, this information will be of use to researchers seeking collaborations, students seeking PhD/Postdoc positions, as well as journal editors seeking relevant reviewers. We already have 35 labs from 18 countries represented in our database.
  • Please fill out this Google document to submit the details of your research group.
  • If you’re a PI and are currently hiring, please indicate YES/NO in the Hiring column and add a link to the job advert accordingly. And anytime you plan to hire new lab members in the future, you can update your status to YES.
  • The ECR Committee will regularly monitor the hiring status and share information about new jobs on TRF’s platforms like website, social media and newsletter. The labs database will be published on the TRF website for easy access to the wider scientific community. If you’ve any questions, please feel free to write to the TRF ECR Committee ecr.trf@gmail.com.
Alexander JonesMiddlesex University, LondonUKEntrainment, temporal attention, spatial attention, somatosensoryEEG, tACS, tDCS, TMS, Eye-tracking@Jones.Silas.Lab a.j.jones@mdx.ac.uk
"Andre M. Cravo Marcelo B. Reyes Marcelo S. Caetano Raphael Y. Camargo" Center for Mathematics, Computation and Cognition (CMCC), Federal University of ABC (UFABC), São Bernardo do CampoBrazilinterval timing, time perception, temporal attentionPsychophysics, EEG, eye-tracking, fNIRS, animal behavior, psychopharmacology, electrophisiology in animals, computational modelling@TimingUFABC timingufabc@gmail.com
Argiro VatakisCognitive Systems Research Institute, AthensGreeceAudiovisual, multisensory timingPsychophysics, Eye-tracking, Virtual Reality@argirovatakis argirovatakis@gmail.com
David FreestoneWilliam Paterson University, New JerseyUSAtime perception, decision-makinganimal behavior, psychophysics, psychopharmacology@dfreestone_ freestoned@wpunj.edu
Devin TerhuneGoldsmiths, University of London, LondonUKTime perception, consciousness, suggestion & suggestibilityPsychophysics, EEG, eye-tracking, non-invasive brain stimulation (tACS/TMS), psychopharmacologyd.terhune@gold.ac.uk
Diego GolombekNational University of Quilmes / National Research Council, Bernal, Buenos AiresArgentinaCircadian rhythms, interval timingAnimal behavior, biochemistry, molecular biology, actimetry, psychophysics@DiegoGolombek dgolombek@unq.edu.ar
Gianfranco SpallettaNeuropsychiatry Lab, IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation, RomeItalyTime perception in neuropsychiatric disorders. Predictive timing and sense of agencyPsychophysics, MRI (volumetry), DTI, fMRI, resting state and network dynamics
Katja KornyshevaSchool of Psychology and Imaging Unit, Bangor University, Bangor (Wales)UKMotor and sequence timing, Skilled action encoding and retrieval, Action preparationEEG/MEG/fMRI decoding, EEG-fMRI, motion tracking, TMS, animal models@KatjaKornysheva k.kornysheva@gmail.com
Kielan YarrowCity, University of London, LondonUKUnisensory & multisensory timingPsychophysics, TMS, computational modelling, EEG.kielan.yarrow.1@city.ac.uk
Massimiliano Di LucaUniversity of Birmingham & Facebook, BirminghamUKMultisensory integration, perceived simultaneity, interval timing, hapticsPsychophysics, Virtual Reality, computational modeling (also EEG, fMRI)@maxdiluca m.diluca@bham.ac.uk
Metehan Çiçek Brain Research Center, Ankara University, AnkaraTurkeyinterval timing, memory, reward, number sensefMRI, DTI, resting state and effective connectivity@metehan_cicek mcicek@ankara.edu.tr
Peter KellerMARCS Institute, Western Sydney University, SydneyAustraliaInterpersonal Synchronisation, Joint Action, Music PsychologyEEG, TMS, TDCS, TACS, Motion Tracking, MRI, fNIRS@perikeller p.keller@westernsydney.edu.au
Veit KubikHumboldt Universität zu Berlin, BerlinGermanyEstimation of time and space, multitasking, aging, Psychophysics, behavioral experiments@VeitKubik veit.kubik@cms.hu-berlin.de
Ayelet Landauthe Hebrew University of Jerusalem, JerusalemIsraelneural oscillations, rhythmic sampling, temporal cognition, tactile/visual/auditorypsychophysics, M/EEG, peripheral physiology, eye tracking, motion trackingayelet.landau@huji.ac.il
Pavol KacmárDepartment of Psychology; University of Arts, Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice, KošiceSlovakiaTime perception; Time estimation; executive functions; emotions and related issues. Software (e.g. Superlab) and hardware (RB-840 response pads)pavol.kacmar@upjs.sk
Elzbieta SzelagLaboratory of Neuropsychology, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences, WarsawPolandNeuropsychological basis of human cognition, innovative methods of neurorehabilitation, speech therapy in different language disorders: aphasia, stuttering, infantile autism, hearing deficits, temporal aspects of information processing, language, hemispheric asymmetry, normal chronological aging, neurodegeneration and neurorehabilitation in norm and pathologyEEG, fMRI, behavioure.szelag@nencki.gov.pl
Angel CorreaUniversity of Granada, GranadaSpainCircadian rhythms, temporal attentionExperimental psychology, circadian physiology and cognitive neuroscienceact@ugr.es
Hinze HogendoornMelbourne School of Psychological Sciences, MelbourneAustraliatime-course of neural processingpsychophysics, eyetracking, and EEG(-decoding)hhogendoorn@unimelb.edu.au
Ingrid JohnsrudeUniversity of Western Ontario, LondonCanadaSpeech tracking, neural oscillations, auditory memory, predictionEEG, intracranial recording, fMRI, behaviour, fMRI, MR structural imaging@ingridjohnsrude ijohnsru@uwo.ca
Krystal ParkerUniversity of Iowa/Psychiatry/Iowa Neuroscience Institute, Iowa CityUSATiming in cerebellar-frontal circutry, neuropshychiatric diseaseOptogenetics, neuronal ensemble recordings, pharmacology, EEG, fMRI, TMS@IowaParkerLab krystal-parker@uiowa.edu
Laurel TrainorMcMaster University, HamiltonCanadaTime and rhythm processing, neural oscillations, interpersonal interaction, development & disordersEEG, Motion tracking, MEG, behaviour, psychophysics
Martin WienerGeorge Mason University, VirginiaUSATime perception, Space perception, Rhythmic Processing, Multisensory timingfMRI, TMS, EEG, tES, computational modeling (also TMS-EEG and fMRI-EEG)@MartinMwiener mwiener@gmu.edu
Michael Barnett-CowanUniversity of Waterloo, WaterlooCanadaPerception of time and space, multisensory integration, self-motion, vestibular, virtual reality, agingPsychophysics, EEG, GVS, Eye Movements, TMS, tDCS, motion simulator, EMG, HR, respiration, genomics, computational modeling@multisensebrain mbc@uwaterloo.ca
Nandakumar NarayananUniversity of Iowa, Iowa CityUSATiming in frontostriatal networks, dopamineOptogenetics, neuronal ensemble recordings, pharmacology, EEG, intraoperative neurophysiology@narayananlab nandakumar-narayanan@uiowa.edu
Virginie van WassenhoveCEA/DRF/Joliot, NeuroSpin; INSERM Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, Gif sur YvetteFRANCEtemporal cognition, neural oscillations, mental time travel, temporal metacognitionhuman psychophysics, MEG, EEG, fMRI@virginie_vw virginie.van.wassenhove@gmail.com
Vishal YadavBanaras Hindu University, VaranasiIndiaCognitive Load, Time Perception, time estimation , executive function and working memoryTask load, Simon Task and working memory task load, Reproduction methodvy09486@gmail.com
Kia NobreUniversity of Oxford, OxfordUKTemporal and spatial-temporal orienting of attention; entrainment; temporal cueing; (spatial-)temporal sequence learning and utilisation; temporal orienting in working memory and long term memory; changes with ageing and neurodegenerationEEG, MEG, fMRI, eyetracking, psychophysics; behaviour@KiaNobre kia.nobre@ohba.ox.ac.uk
Matthew MatellVillanova University, PhiladelphiaUSAinterval timing, cross modal and cross duration interactions, drug addictionrodent behavior, pharmacology, physiology, lesionsmatthew.matell@villanova.edu
Eve IshamUniversity of Arizona, TucsonUSAconsciousness-action-time; subjective timing, interval timing, consequences of perceived time on behaviorBehavioral, EEG, eyetrackingeaisham@email.arizona.edu
Sara CordesBoston College, BostonUSAtime perception, time estimation, temporal development Behavioral cordess@bc.edu
Ramesh Balasubramaniam Jessica RossUniversity of California, MercedUSAMotor control/entrainment, time and rhythm perception, auditory-motor interactionsTMS, EEG, motion tracking, psychoacoustics"ramesh@ucmerced.edu jross8@ucmerced.edu "
Hedderik van Rijn, Niels TaatgenUniversity of Groningen, GroningenNetherlandsInterval timing, computational modeling, memory, aging, real-world timingbehavioral, modeling, EEG, MEG, fMRI@hedderik d.h.van.rijn@rug.nl
Kimberly KirkpatrickKansas State University, ManhattanUSAInterval timing, choice, impulsivity, delay discounting, neurobiology of timing and choicerodent behavior, human behavior, modeling, immunohistochemistry, DREADDskirkpatr@ksu.edu
Koji TodaWaseda University, TokyoJapanInterval Timing, Basal Ganglia, Reward
Caroline PalmerMcGill University, Montreal Canadasynchronization, auditory-motor integration, timing in speech and musicbehavioural, mathematical modeling, EEG, motion capturecaroline.palmer@mcgill.ca