Competition Announcement: Journal Cover Design for Timing & Time Perception

Want to see your design on the cover of a journal on timing?

Have an awesome design on timing and time perception?

Then, send us your ideas!

Timing & Time Perception ( is ready to refresh its cover by selecting a new design from people inspired and/or interested in timing. The theme is general on timing and time perception and the design can be a sketch, a photograph, artistic impressions….anything that comes out of your inspiration on the theme.

The deadline for submissions is September 15th, 2016 and the three highest-voted designs will be announced on November 1st, 2016. All three designs along with their descriptions will be published in the Journal. The design selection will be done by the editors-in-chief, editorial board, and Brill representatives.

The awards for contributing your design are: a) free T&TP subscription (print and online) for 1 year, starting with the first issue that has the new design, b) a monetary award of 200 euros, and c) journal publication of the design and a few words on its meaning and inspiration.

The design copyright will remain with the designer, who will be credited for it on the inside cover of the Journal, but Brill will be the proprietor of the whole cover in which the design is incorporated.

Please submit your entries to Argiro Vatakis by email: or

Some more design details: The front cover of T&TP is 15.5 x 23.5 cm. The designer of the new cover needs to supply an image at high resolution (300-600 dpi at the size mentioned above), as original .TIF, .JPEG or .EPS file, and in full colour (i.e., CMYK and not RGB format). The new cover design should either: a) include the text “TIMING & TIME PERCEPTION” in the same font as it is now (not necessarily the same colour) or b) take into account that this will added by Brill, together with other text items (e.g., ‘Brill’, volume, issue, year).

Author: Argie

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