TRF is an open community of researchers working on timing and time perception. The community is open to all related disciplines including Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Neurology, Psychology, Computer Science, and Philosophy.

TRF aims to provide a common platform for research on any aspect of time perception using a variety of methodologies in humans as well as animal models, and foster an open and collaborative community of timing researchers both online as well as offline through annual conferences.

TRF plans to serve as a repository of resources relevant for research on timing and time perception. These include code, experimental stimuli, data, protocols, and papers that will be openly shared and accessible to everyone. TRF will also represent an information highway for all news and updates relevant for researchers in the field – grants and funding calls, jobs and vacancies, conferences and workshops, special issues in journals, and also offer a platform to foster collaboration amongst the multidisciplinary community of timing researchers.

TRF will also strongly support graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and early career investigators by highlighting their work at our annual conferences and providing career mentoring and advice.

We hope that the vision and aims of TRF will resonate with all researchers in the field and look forward to your active participation and support.