Call for Symposia: The Neurosciences and Music VI, in Boston USA, 15 – 18 June 2017

Submission deadline: October 15, 2016

The “Neuromusic” Community (researchers, clinicians, therapists, educators and musicians) is invited to submit proposals for the Symposia. These should be organized around a specific topic related to the conference theme of “Music, Sound and Health” with special emphasis on development.

Subthemes may include for example: “Music and Language Skills”, “Music and Motor Skills”, “Music and Memory”, “Auditory Processing”, “Auditory-Motor Interactions”, “Brain Plasticity”, “Music Intervention Programmes”, “Music Technology”, “Embodied Learning”, “Musical Disorders and Musicians Disorders”, “Music Education”, “Cross-Cultural Studies”.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and selected on the basis of merit, interest to the research community and relevance to the overall theme of the conference. The Scientific Committee may ask to combine proposals if there is significant overlap.

Proposals should be sent by e-mail to: by 15 October, 2016.

Each scientist can only be included in one symposium, either as proposer or a participant. Senior post doctoral fellows, but not PhD students, may be included as speakers in symposia. Each Symposium may involve 3 to 4 speakers (maximum – including the chair) who have made significant research contributions to their field, 15 minutes per presentation, and should be organized to allow 20 minutes discussion time per symposium.
Proposals should include:

a. Title and aim of the Symposium in relation to the conference theme* (max. 200 words each)
b. Abstracts of each proposed talk (max. 50 words each)
c. Confirmation of each speaker’s availability.

Speaker benefits
: the registration fee will be waived for speakers and chairmen, and a contribution towards accommodation and travel expenses will be determined after acceptance of the proposal.
Deadlines for poster-abstracts will be 15 January 15, 2017. Poster presentations will be a prominent part of the meeting. More details will be provided in the fall.

Author: sundeepteki