TRF Member from Iran seeking Ph.D. opportunities

We’d like to support a researcher from Iran generate potential interest for a Ph.D. position. Below is a profile of potential areas they are interested in. The candidate’s CV can be found here, please contact them directly.

As a researcher who is interested to explore the concept of time, it’s action and application in the brain and environment, Surely, time-saving matters too much for me. So, I would like to share my CV with you, the researchers who can accept a new team member, to give speed to the common procedure of applying and doing research.

My research background:

-Temporal properties of reward for neurofeedback therapy

-Evaluation of Berberine and endocannabinoid system on movement disorder (essential tremor)

My research interest:

– investigating the effect of intervention on temporal aspects of reward for improving reward-related therapies.

– time-related disorders

– how can time affect the brain and environment?

I would be happy to answer your question and share more detailed information or hear your precious suggestion.

Thank you

Zohre Vaziri

17 September 2019