1st TRF Summer School on “Modeling Altered Time Experiences in Human and Hybrid Collectives”

 The European funded project ChronoPilot and TRF are collaborating in the organization of the 1st TRF training school that will take place on 23-27 July 2024 in Chios, Greece

Multidisciplinary teams at master’s, doctoral, and early career levels in psychology, neuroscience, robotics, and computational sciences will team up to meet these challenges and advance our knowledge on timing. The participants selected will be a nice blend of people from different disciplines with some or high knowledge in Python or Matlab.

Please see below for more details.

Summer School Topics

The “Modeling Altered Time Experiences in Human and Hybrid Collectives” summer school aims to both educate and promote critical thinking on the topics below: 

1. Model the dynamics of human subjective time in terms of psychological key variables. Human time perception can be influenced by individual motivations, cognitive states, and social factors. We will review all these potential factors and dynamics that can modulate subjective time and interaction in human-human and hybrid systems. We will also challenge current thinking by transcending existing studies towards higher-level variables that modulate subjective time (e.g., attention, valence, arousal, bodily awareness). 

2. Modulate time perception by auto-triggered sensory stimuli. Utilizing technologies to stimulate our sensory channels of vision, audition, and haptics, as well as their integration, and indicators of mental state and task performance (e.g., physiological signals, attentional deployment, agent reactions and interactions), we will challenge current thinking by finding ways to model automatic decision making and generation of stimulation for the subjective experience of time expanding or compressing. For this to be possible, we will provide a thorough review of the current state of the art on timing in combination with multisensory perception, interoception, haptic vest technologies, and virtual and augmented reality capabilities. 

3. Coordinate time perception in human and hybrid collectives. Going beyond individual human-machine/robot interactions, we will critically think about the impact of time manipulation on group-level dynamics (purely human groups as well as hybrid groups of people collaborating with artificial systems; e.g., robots). For this to be possible, we will provide a thorough review on human and hybrid collectives in terms of decision making, coordination, and synchronizations of strategies, as well as modelling in swarm and complex systems and collective robotics. 

4. Utilise models to improve well-being and productivity in hybrid and human collaboration. We will critically think ways for modulating time perception in order to positively enhance the user experience by focusing attention and contributing to sensations of immersion and flow. We will study how timing can be modulated to assist and support humans interacting with each other and with artificial systems (e.g., mobile robots) so as to improve the users’ well-being, learning rates, efficiency to control multiple robots, and abilities to communicate by modulating time perception. 

School Program

The tentative outline is shown below, along with the detailed topics covered.

The trainers will be members from the ChronoPilot consortium. Please see here for more details.

Application Process

  1. The application for the School can be found here.
  2. Before the application process please be prepared to upload:
  3. Application deadlines:
    • Closing day of applications: March 15 2024 at 5:00 EET.
    • Decisions will be made by April 15 2024. Applicants will be informed by email.

Location Details

The summer school is going to be held in the island of Chios. Please visit this page for details on the island and the various activities and locations one can do during their stay in Chios.

You can travel to Chios either by boat or by plane.


Chios has daily air connections with Athens and Thessaloniki. Please visit here for more details.


Daily ferry connection with Piraeus and with Thessaloniki two to three times a week. Daily ferry connection with Cesme, Turkey. Please visit here for more details.

Special low priced university housing will be available. The rooms available are single or double. The rooms will be cleaned daily, and each room has sheets and towels. Internet is also available, but there is no shared computer equipment, so you will need to bring your own laptops. In the dormitory you will be able to use washing and drier machines. In each floor there is a kitchen. There is a Super Market within a walking distance and the sea is just across the street!

Important notice:
Travel expenses increase when the booking takes place closer to the summer period, so please arrange your flights as early as possible.


There are no fees for the School. The participants must cover their own travel expenses to Chios and the special low priced university housing (approximately 20 euros per day).

Currently, there are no available scholarships.