Neural Entrainment and Rhythm Dynamics (NERD) – CALL FOR ABSTRACTS!

We welcome you to submit abstracts for oral presentations at NERD 2017! The submission deadline will be May 3, 2017. All abstracts should be submitted at

Presentations will be of two types: standard-length oral presentations (~20 minutes with questions [15+5]) and lightning-round oral presentations (~7 minutes with questions [5+2]). Please indicate which type of presentation you would prefer when you submit your abstract.

The program will heavily feature trainee talks (approximately 2/3 of talks will be given by trainees). Only those not presenting in NeuroMusic symposia should submit abstracts (poster presenters are welcome to submit!).

Presentations will be organized around themes, and discussants will be chosen to give a brief introduction to each theme. If you would like to volunteer to be a discussant, please indicate this on the abstract submission form or (if you are not submitting an abstract).

Abstracts may be submitted on topics including [but not limited to] rhythm and beat perception/production in music and speech, electrophysiological studies of entrainment, disorders of rhythm and entrainment, and lifespan development and cross-species comparisons of entrainment.

Abstracts should not be longer than 250 words.

We expect to notify presenters within approximately 2 weeks of the submission deadline.


Conference information:

“Neural Entrainment and Rhythm Dynamics” (NERD) will be held June 14, 2017 at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, just prior to NeuroMusic VI. The goal of the meeting is to bring together researchers that use varying approaches to advance scientific knowledge about topics related to rhythm and entrainment.

Molly Henry, Ed Large, Sonja Kotz, and Jessica Grahn

Author: Argie