PhD position on the experience of time in Philosophy, University of Tartu (Estonia)

The University of Tartu announced an open call for two PhD positions in Department of Philosophy, one of which is on ‘Experience of time’ (supervisor Bruno Mölder):

Time seems to enter our experiences in various ways: the events we experience have temporal properties, e.g., when we experience things changing or moving; experiences themselves stand in temporal relations to each other and so on. This leads to several philosophical issues concerning the experience of time:
–   How is the time in experience related to objective time?
–   How is the time in experience related to the temporal properties of brain processes that underpin experience?
–   Does consciousness have some kind of temporal structure?
The prospective candidates must show potential to make a significant contribution to philosophical debates related to such themes. Depending on the nature of the project, background in psychology or metaphysics is advisable.

Admitted PhD students will be enrolled in the Philosophy PhD programme. The nominal study period is 2017-2021, starting from the beginning of February 2017.

Research and studies will be funded by the programme DoRa Plus (European Regional Development Fund). Full time PhD student will be receiving a monthly grant of 422 EUR during the nominal period of studies (4 years) and annual travel allowance (return travel between home and Tartu).

Application deadline: December 1, 2016.

All particulars about the research topics, eligibility conditions, application materials and assessment criteria available here:

Author: Argie