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Tachmatzidou O; Paraskevoudi N; Vatakis A, 2022. Exposure to multisensory and visual static or moving stimuli enhances processing of nonoptimal visual rhythms.  Atten Percept Psychophys 84(8):2655-2669

Chaumon M; Rioux PA; Herbst SK; Spiousas I; Kübel SL; Gallego Hiroyasu EM; Runyun ŞL; Micillo L; Thanopoulos V; Mendoza-Duran E; Wagelmans A; Mudumba R; Tachmatzidou O; Cellini N; D'Argembeau A; Giersch A; Grondin S; Gronfier C; Igarzábal FA; Klarsfeld A; Jovanovic L; Laje R; Lannelongue E; Mioni G; Nicolaï C; Srinivasan N; Sugiyama S; Wittmann M; Yotsumoto Y; Vatakis A; Balcı F; van Wassenhove V, 2022. The Blursday database as a resource to study subjective temporalities during COVID-19.  Nat Hum Behav 6(11):1587-1599

Janssen TWP; Grammer JK; Bleichner MG; Bulgarelli C; Davidesco I; Dikker S; Jasińska KK; Siugzdaite R; Vassena E; Vatakis A; Zion-Golumbic E; van Atteveldt N, 2021. Opportunities and Limitations of Mobile Neuroimaging Technologies in Educational Neuroscience.  Mind Brain Educ 15(4):354-370

Root N; Asano M; Melero H; Kim CY; Sidoroff-Dorso AV; Vatakis A; Yokosawa K; Ramachandran V; Rouw R, 2021. Do the colors of your letters depend on your language? Language-dependent and universal influences on grapheme-color synesthesia in seven languages.  Conscious Cogn 95:103192

Sgouramani H; Moutoussis K; Vatakis A, 2019. Move Still: The Effects of Implied and Real Motion on the Duration Estimates of Dance Steps.  Perception 48(7):616-628

Thanopoulos V; Psarou E; Vatakis A, 2018. Robust intentional binding for causally-linked sequences of naturalistic events but not for abstract event sequences.  Acta Psychol (Amst) 190:159-173

Paraskevoudi N; Balcı F; Vatakis A, 2018. "Walking" through the sensory, cognitive, and temporal degradations of healthy aging.  Ann N Y Acad Sci.

Indraccolo A; Spence C; Vatakis A; Harrar V, 2016. Combined effects of motor response, sensory modality, and stimulus intensity on temporal reproduction.  Exp Brain Res 234(5):1189-98

Vatakis A; Pastra K, 2016. A multimodal dataset of spontaneous speech and movement production on object affordances.  Sci Data 3:150078

Kostaki M; Vatakis A, 2016. Crossmodal binding rivalry: A "race" for integration between unequal sensory inputs.  Vision Res 127:165-176

Vatakis A; Ulrich R, 2014. Temporal processing within and across senses.  Acta Psychol (Amst) 147:1

Sgouramani H; Vatakis A, 2014. "Flash" dance: how speed modulates percieved duration in dancers and non-dancers.  Acta Psychol (Amst) 147:17-24

Vatakis A; Maragos P; Rodomagoulakis I; Spence C, 2012. Assessing the effect of physical differences in the articulation of consonants and vowels on audiovisual temporal perception.  Front Integr Neurosci 6:71

Vatakis A; Ghazanfar AA; Spence C, 2008. Facilitation of multisensory integration by the "unity effect" reveals that speech is special.  J Vis 8(9):14.1-11

Vatakis A; Spence C, 2008. Investigating the effects of inversion on configural processing with an audiovisual temporal-order judgment task.  Perception 37(1):143-60

Vatakis A; Navarra J; Soto-Faraco S; Spence C, 2008. Audiovisual temporal adaptation of speech: temporal order versus simultaneity judgments.  Exp Brain Res 185(3):521-9

Vatakis A; Spence C, 2008. Evaluating the influence of the 'unity assumption' on the temporal perception of realistic audiovisual stimuli.  Acta Psychol (Amst) 127(1):12-23

Vatakis A; Navarra J; Soto-Faraco S; Spence C, 2007. Temporal recalibration during asynchronous audiovisual speech perception.  Exp Brain Res 181(1):173-81

Vatakis A; Spence C, 2007. How 'special' is the human face? Evidence from an audiovisual temporal order judgment task.  Neuroreport 18(17):1807-11

Vatakis A; Bayliss L; Zampini M; Spence C, 2007. The influence of synchronous audiovisual distractors on audiovisual temporal order judgments.  Percept Psychophys 69(2):298-309

Vatakis A; Spence C, 2007. Crossmodal binding: evaluating the "unity assumption" using audiovisual speech stimuli.  Percept Psychophys 69(5):744-56

Vatakis A; Spence C, 2006. Temporal order judgments for audiovisual targets embedded in unimodal and bimodal distractor streams.  Neurosci Lett 408(1):5-9

Vatakis A; Spence C, 2006. Audiovisual synchrony perception for music, speech, and object actions.  Brain Res 1111(1):134-42

Vatakis A; Spence C, 2006. Evaluating the influence of frame rate on the temporal aspects of audiovisual speech perception.  Neurosci Lett 405(1-2):132-6

Lyons G; Sanabria D; Vatakis A; Spence C, 2006. The modulation of crossmodal integration by unimodal perceptual grouping: a visuotactile apparent motion study.  Exp Brain Res 174(3):510-6

Vatakis A; Spence C, 2006. Audiovisual synchrony perception for speech and music assessed using a temporal order judgment task.  Neurosci Lett 393(1):40-4

Navarra J; Vatakis A; Zampini M; Soto-Faraco S; Humphreys W; Spence C, 2005. Exposure to asynchronous audiovisual speech extends the temporal window for audiovisual integration.  Brain Res Cogn Brain Res 25(2):499-507

Krekelberg B; Vatakis A; Kourtzi Z, 2005. Implied motion from form in the human visual cortex.  J Neurophysiol 94(6):4373-86

Strybel TZ; Vatakis A, 2004. A comparison of auditory and visual apparent motion presented individually and with crossmodal moving distractors.  Perception 33(9):1033-48

Schaufelberger DE; Koleck MP; Beutler JA; Vatakis AM; Alvarado AB; Andrews P; Marzo LV; Muschik GM; Roach J; Ross JT, 1991. The large-scale isolation of bryostatin 1 from Bugula neritina following current good manufacturing practices.  J Nat Prod 54(5):1265-70

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