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The TRF Timing PhD theses database offers a repository of recent graduate students’ doctoral research on timing and time perception.

We aim to offer an open-source platform to highlight the latest research on timing and promote the work of early career researchers.

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2020Biasing Temporal Performance of Pigeons and HumansRenata CambraiaArmando Machado & Marco VasoncelosTime and conditioning/learningTiming, biasing, payoff, base rate, pigeon, human
2019Perceptual functions of auditory neural oscillation entrainmentAndrew ChangLaurel J. TrainorRhythm and sequence, temporal attentionNeural entrainment; Rhythm; Audition; Electroencephalography (EEG)
2019Worlds of Musics: Cognitive Ethnomusicological Inquiries on Experience of Time and Space in Human Music-makingYong Jeon CheongUdo WillOrder and simultaneityspatiotemporal processing, audio tactile, music training, peripersonal space
2019The nature of sensory time perception – centralised or distributed?Aysha MotalaDavid WhitakerDuration, Rhythm and sequencepsychophysics, audio, visual, tactile, touch, rhythm processing, adaptation
2019Time Experience and Judgement in Depression: A Theory of Isomorphic General Relativity (TIGR)Lachlan KentBritt KleinDuration, Timing perception and neuropsychiatric disorders, Time consciousnesstime dilation; depression; general relativity; autobiographical memory; time production
2018Sound Guides Acton and Action Scaffolds Sound PerceptionJessica Marie RossRamesh BalasubramaniamDuration
Rhythm and sequence
Sensorimotor, Auditory Perception, Timing, Motor Planning, Balance, Postural Control
2018Role of Intention and Prediction in Time PerceptionMukesh MakwanaNarayanan SrinivasanDurationIntention; Intentional action; duration perception; intentional binding; prediction; self & time perception
2018A Neuropsychological Analysis of Temporal Perception through the LifespanSagar LadErlene RosowskyDuration, Timing perception and development, Time and conditioning/learningCognitive psychology, temporal perception, Neuropsychology
2018Detecting the adaptation of listeners' respiration to heard musicFinn UphamMorwaread Mary FarboodOrder and simultaneity, Temporal attention, Speech and musicRespiration, Coordination, Phase alignment, Music, Embodiment, Psychophysiology
2017The Rescorla-Wagner Drift-Diffusion ModelAndre LuzardoEduardo AlonsoTime and conditioning/learningtiming, conditioning
2017Implicit and explicit temporal order in the structuring of the conscious “now”Laetitia GrabotVirginie van Wassenhove Order and simultaneity
Time consciousness
temporal order perception, postdiction, neural oscillations
2017The Psychological Investigation of Subjective Time – New concepts and Contemporary Research MethodsSven ThoenesHeiko HechtDuration
Time perception and neuropsychiatric disorders
Time consciousness
time perception, temporal processing, depression, schizophrenia, counting, interpersonal, mental time line
2017Etiological models of problematic alcohol consumption among Francophone college students: Personality, Temporality and MotivationTianna LooseDidier Acier ; Ghassan El-BaalbakiOrder and simultaneity
Rhythm and sequence
Timing perception and development

alcohol, student, France, Québec, personality, temporality, drinking motives, mediation
2017Evaluation and training of rhythmic skills via new technologiesValentin BégelSimone Dalla BellaRhythm and sequencebeat perception, synchronization
2017The syntactic side of Time: processing Adverb-Verb Temporal AgreementNicoletta BiondoFrancesco VespignaniSpeech and musictemporal concord, temporal adverbs, tense, psycholinguistics
2016On the origin of visual temporal-order perception by means of attentional selection Jan TünnermannIngrid ScharlauOrder and simultaneity
Temporal attention
temporal order, temporal attention
2015Temporal properties of rehearsal in auditory-verbal short-term memoryRebecca A. GilbertTom HartleyOrder and simultaneity, Rhythm and sequence, Temporal attention, Speech and music, Timing perception and development, Timing perception and neuropsychiatric disordersshort-term memory, rehearsal, rhythm, auditory timing, serial order
2013The Role of Clock and Memory Processes in the Timing of Fear Cues in HumansErich K. GrommetBruce L. BrownDurationtemporal bisection; emotion
2012Music Listening, Music Therapy, Phenomenology and NeuroscienceErik ChristensenLars Ole BondeTemporal attention
Time consciousness
Music listening, Musical time, Musical space, Phenomenology, Music therapy, Neuroscience
2007Estimacion y memoria de secuencias temporalesOscar Zamora ArevaloArturo Bouzas RiañoTemporal attention, time and conditioning/learningTemporal bisection, memory, sequences durations, pigeons
2001Duration Sensation in Relation to the Factors of Autocorrelation Function of Sound StimuliKazi SaifuddinYoichi AndoDurationDuration sensation, Autocorrelation function
2018Perturbations in The Arrow of Time: Computational and Procedural Dissociations of Timing and Non-Timing ProcessesCarter DanielsFederico SanabriaTime and conditioning/learningInterval Timing, Motivation, Behavioral Systems, Response Initiation, Pre-feeding
2018From brain imaging to data collection in daily life : towards an integrated understanding of relationships beteween cognition, emotional experiences, time perception and symptoms of schizophrenia Maud DupuyBernard N'Kaoua & Joel David SwendsenDuration, Timing perception and neuropsychiatric disordersSchizophrenia Ecological Momentary Assessment Magnetic resonance imaging Cognition Emotions Time perception
2019Time & Other DimensionsNadine SchlichtingHedderik van RijnTime consciousnessinterval timing, time & space processing, time & numerosity processing
2020Adaptive timingAtser DamsmaHedderik van RijnDuration, Rhythm and sequence, Temporal attentionTime perception; Rhythm; EEG; Pupil dilation
2020Context Matters: Memories of Prior TimesSarah C. MaassHedderik van RijnTiming perception and development/agingContext; Aging; Bayesian Modeling; MCI
2006Neural Representations of Intermodal AttentionJonas VibellKia Nobre & Charles SpenceOrder and simultaneity, Temporal attention, Time consciousnessTemporal order judgments, spatial attention, attention to sensory modalities, ERPs
2019Time Experience and Judgement in Depression: A Theory of Isomorphic General Relativity (TIGR)Lachlan KentBritt KleinDuration, Timing perception and neuropsychiatric disorders, Time consciousnesstime dilation; depression; general relativity; autobiographical memory; time production