Timing Research Forum Newsletter – August 2016

Dear all,

Thank you for joining the Timing Research Forum (TRF).

We are pleased to share the very first TRF newsletter that will be shared on the first day of every month. The aim of the newsletter is to share regular updates about TRF as well as news from the field of timing research.

TRF update

To update you on our progress – since the launch on June 17, we are now almost ~350 members strong [see https://timingforum.org/about/members/] and growing every day. The TRF website has received more than 8600 website hits: an average of 200 hits/day. We have also put together a variety of resources including a list of special issues and books on timing (including cover images; compiled by Warren Meck), a list of timing meetings and conferences, mentoring resources and soon we shall also host code. TRF is also active on social media with ~100 followers on both Twitter and Facebook.

TRF Committee

The TRF committee consists of 20 members, both senior as well as junior scientists, from 10 different countries, with expertise in various aspects of timing research in humans as well as animal models.

Fuat Balci, Turkey

Jennifer Coull, France

Dean Buonomano, USA

Anne Giersch, France

Max Di Luca, UK

Tim Griffiths, UK

Jessica Grahn, Canada

Marjan Jahanshahi, UK

Deborah Harrington, USA

Sonja Kotz, Netherlands

Mehrdad Jazayeri, USA

Hugo Merchant, Mexico

Warren Meck, USA

Marshall Hussain Shuler, USA

Joseph Paton, Portugal

Sundeep Teki, UK

Hedderik van Rijn, Netherlands

Argiro Vatakis, Greece

Virginie van Wassenhove, France

Marc Wittmann, Germany

III. TRF Conference

We are also pleased to share with you that the first TRF conference will be held in October 2017 in Strasbourg, France under the stewardship of Anne Giersch and Jenny Coull. Further details to follow.

Call for TRF Associate Members

TRF is a community by us for us. It’s success, therefore, is dependent on the work we do as a community to maintain, promote, and advance it. We are ready, therefore, to open up to the community to more people for their involvement, help, and contribution. This is the first call for actively engaging in TRF’s activities.

We are opening up Associate Member positions meant for junior timing researchers like graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. The details of the open positions are:

  1. TRF Social Media & News Manager

TRF has built a strong social media presence (on Facebook and Twitter) and would like to provide it’s members with latest information and news related to timing research. The position, therefore, will require the candidate to keep track of timing related news including:

  1. a) publication of new papers, journal special issues, and books
  2. b) timing events, conferences, workshops etc.
  3. c) grants and funding opportunities
  4. d) job openings at the doctoral, postdoctoral, and faculty level.

This position requires daily commitment, experience with social media, and well-rounded interest and interaction with timing-related information.

  1. TRF Mailing list Moderator:

TRF aims to establish and maintain a highly interactive community. This interaction will partially be accomplished through a mailing list. This mailing list will be for members only and will aim to:

  1. a) Keep TRF members informed of news, events etc. and
  2. b) Open discussions between members for various timing related issues.

It is pertinent, therefore, to maintain a mailing list that is free from junk or other spam information. The Moderator will have to regularly approve or reject incoming messages. This position requires daily commitment and some experience with Majordomo is preferred but not required.

  1. TRF Bloggers:

TRF would like to appoint interested graduate students/postdoctoral researchers to write short summaries of latest papers in timing research for the official website. You can choose any paper of your choice and be required to write about at least one paper per month.

How to submit your application

If you are interested in any of the above openings, please email us at trf@timingforum.org with subject line of the position you wish to apply for as well as a copy of your CV by September 15, 2016.

TRF’s resources and your contribution

TRF aims to host timing related resources, so that TRF’s website will be the one stop for everything related to timing. Currently, the TRF website has these resources: all members’ publications, timing related special issues, and books on timing, a list of meetings focused on timing, a list of timing related societies/groups, as well as code and mentoring resources.

We ask all of you to contribute to these resources. Please send us (by emailing us at trf@timingforum.org) any omissions that we might have or any new information that should be added.

TRF is based on the idea of sharing information freely between its’ members so as to advance timing research and group collaborations. Thus, we encourage all of you to share with us any of the above resources that you might have and/or suggest new resources that we should add and circulate within the community.

Timing meetings

Please visit this page to view the latest announcements of meetings and conferences relevant for timing –  https://timingforum.org/timing-meetings/

VII. Feedback and suggestions to shape the future of TRF

We thank all of you for supporting this community and hope that you will continue to do so in the future. As we continuously emphasize, TRF is meant to be open to all timing researchers with the aim of sharing ideas and advancing the current state of the art. Thus, we are open to any suggestions or ideas that will help TRF grow and advance. We have already established many ways (website, mailing list, resources etc.) to discuss the current state and the future of TRF and these tools will become more active in the coming months. We are looking forward to all of your feedback!

With best wishes,

Sundeep Teki                          &                Argiro Vatakis

University of Oxford                                  Cognitive Systems Research Institute

sundeepteki.org                                        argirovatakis.com

Author: Argie